January 2017

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Most of you already know the story of how I balloted for Hiroshima and Tokyo and ended up failing to hit for Hiroshima and getting Tokyo instead. I had to buy a resale ticket for the first time, which I regretted a bit a first (but then was glad for the chance later).

Well, fate decided to shove a bit of crap into my face days before the Hiroshima cons.

Monday before the Hiroshima cons started, FC decided to open performance seats. I assumed it was either because the venue was not sold out, or the layout allowed space for more seats. Either way, I was determined to try again. It was a stressful week with parents' observations and the waiting - and just when I was relieved from P.O.s, I got the bad news that once again I had failed the ballot for the first Hiroshima concert. (come on, Johnny-sama. I am about ready to offer you my liver here...) So anyway I had to wait through the entire Saturday so that I could finally come to the Sunday concert.

Sunday came, and due to my excitement I gave an "fck you" to the local train (which would have been just 3000+ yen roundtrip but would take me two hours) and took the Shinkansen to Hiroshima instead (twice the local train fare but only 30 minutes transit). I had gone to Hiroshima many times but I don't think I had arrived at Hiroshima station with so much giddiness before. I had always been there for work, and each and every time I had arrived at the station with apprehension, nervousness and dread. But now - I was almost flying through the ticket gates, I wouldn't have been surprised if I had sprouted wings right on the spot.

As I was a bit early for my meet-up with Hazel, I dropped by Hondori and got myself a Korosensei plushie. I had to admit I wanted to use it as a means to call attention to myself but I was a bit afraid of the consequences so I didn't push through. I then went back to the arena, got into the goods line with Hazel, and after getting the goods, we went back to Hondori again to eat lunch and meet my other friend, Ren, so that I could give her my extra Debikuro-kun book. After a bit of adventure at Book Off, we separated and proceeded back to the venue.

And well, of course, I had to take the chance to get a souvenir picture of the venue, which I wasn't able to do in Fukuoka.

We entered the venue together and separated to go to our gates - Hazel to Gate B, and I to Gate E. The moment I got inside I knew it would be different from Fukuoka.

Hiroshima Green Arena was even more intimate than Marine Messe Fukuoka - I was close to the part furthest from the stage but from my seat it still felt like I was nearer. One of the screens was almost directly in front of me, and I was thankful I didn't have to crane my neck sideways so that I can get a glimpse. The only downside I guess was that I'm looking at it from the back, so orientation was reversed.

Oddly enough, the NEWS call wasn't too united - there were too many separate calls. Or at least it seemed like that from my block. It only became fully alert and alive when the lights went off to signal the start of the concert.

The set list was the same as Fukuoka's (at least, that's as far as I could remember), so I'm just going to breeze through points that stuck in my memory. (I'm quite sure I forgot some important ones again though....)

Mr. White
ONE - for the Win

Luckily enough (I guess? XD), I didn't cry, lol. I screamed all the same though XD
As Massu finished his rap for ONE, Tegoshi finished off with a long, high note, prompting countries' names to flash and zoom past on the screen behind them.
The quick costume changes still managed to impress me. This time I could manage to see NEWS being all so serious after jumping up from the trap floors, and engaging in continuous dance sequences that were fluid. Last time, my tears were in the way.


I will forever love this song in concerts - blame the pointing furitsuke. I forgot to say this in the Fukuoka con, but whenever NEWS makes this heart gesture at the end of the stanzas before the chorus, it made me want to scream "WHY ARE YOU SO FUCKING CUTE?!"

Koi no ABO

I might have misheard, but Massu said "omae no oshiri no bump". It was hilarious.


They did the concert introductions before Weeeek, and before the song they made us call their names. "SHIGE! KEI-CHAN! TEGO!" And then, "MASSU!"
They showed him backstage eating - no, kind of slow-sucking on a Happy Turn biscuit. Erotically. My pervert of an ichiban! It was all I could do not to scream at him. XD
And when they sang Weeeek, Massu said the usual-Yamapi line "行きます~!" Yup, I had to point that one out. He didn't say that line in Fukuoka at all. I wanted him to do it, after all.

Koi Matsuri

Towel song. I love. Forever.


I'm not really sure (me and my shitty memory), but Massu was at our end trying to direct the way we use our penlights, especially during the chorus. First according to the rhythm, and then gradually faster, and faster, AND FASTER, and then slow waves, and again redoing the cycle. XD

Again, I repeat, my ichiban is an adorable, silly, crazy child. He's nuts. I want to hit and kick him so hard. XD

Full Swing
Romeo 2015



Yup, still laughing at Shige being the bellboy. I had to smile wistfully when he put his hat on the table, take out a flower (rose?), and hand it to a female hand behind the door. He then made a "shhh" gesture and exited coyly like that XD

Junior dance interlude

All those umbrellas are awesome. 'Nuff said.
The quick transition to Chankapaana was sharp.

World Quest Remix
Sakura Girl

Massu wrote something I couldn't read. It seemed like a kanji, but because of the reverse orientation of the screen I was looking at, I couldn't read anything. Will edit once I find out what it is.

Weather NEWS

Still my best song of the album and concert, and then there's Koyama and Massu who decided to be jerks and fully wrestled with the juniors over at their side (right side facing the stage). Everyone was a haphazard mess and it was all Koyama could do to pull himself out of the tangle to be able to run to the front and do the News Every Weather man thing on time.


So same thing, I don't claim to understand everything on the MC so I don't have much to report here.
Mostly the hilarious part was Koyama telling us all to sit, only for Massu to say "起立 (stand)! きをつけ (attention)! れい (bow)!" to which we all said "よろしくお願いいたします", but then he continued on with the MC, leaving us all standing up like that, confused as to whether we should sit down or not.
Until of course, the girls a block or two away from me decided to shout "座っていい (can we sit down)?!", to which Koyama misheard as "what, suashi (bare feet)? Oh! You mean if it's okay to sit down? Yes yes please do!"
And of course Massu had to say "Oi I didn't give you permission to sit just yet."

There was one part where Massu burst randomly into song - something that sounds like "Hiroshima ari ari" - everyone quite knew the melody so I'm sure it was some popular song. Will edit once I knew what it is.
In the middle of one of these random song bursts (as Massu frequently would be singing it every now and then), Shige exploded. "早く言えよ! (hurry up and say it already!)"

At some point Massu prodded Shige.
"Say it. Say that you like me."
"... I like you."

Various talks about goods, umbrellas, Chumu Chumu.. will come back later once I remember.
EDIT: Found this post about today's MC, so you might want to check that one out too.

Sky Beautiful
Black Jack - inter.


Snow Express
Winter Moon
NEWS Nippon

I made a mistake in the last concert report - it was Tego who directed us to clap our hands to defeat the black blob, and Massu directed us to wave our uchiwas.

Kibou Yell

NEWS went up the stands again just like in Fukuoka, and they were like three meters directly in front of me, BUT I WASN'T ABLE TO CATCH THEIR EYE OR ANYTHING - too many people and uchiwa and screaming. WHY NEWS, WHY?!
But yup, as usual they were glorious, and handsome, and OH. JUST, ARRRRGH. JUST WATCH THE FUCK OUT WHEN I GET TO DOME, THE FOUR OF YOU.

Seven Colors

Awesome last three songs ending the main concert, and still with NEWS writing L-O-V-E on the backstage camera while making adorable fools out of themselves whenever each member writes a letter. I love these four. ^^

White Love Story

Instead of sitting on the stairs, Massu sat on Koyama's lap instead. GET OFF KOYAMA, YOU BRAT. XD

Nagisa no Oneesama
Ai Kotoba

Perfect. Just, perfect. Especially White Love Story. And Ai Kotoba. And well yes, everything else. I hope I get to be in front of Shige when he sings this in Tokyo Dome.

Double Encore:


I'm not sure if this next fact has something to do with my memories being a bit fuddled, but the girl next to me was SITTING THE ENTIRE time and she wasn't really hyper during the concert - no singing, no waving, nothing at all. I was trying in my mind to understand her a bit - perhaps it's a health condition that she couldn't manage to stand allthroughout the concert, or she's tired of standing just like I was in Fukuoka - but even in Fukuoka I was trying so hard to maintain standing as it was important for me to do so. I had to admit it kind of dampened my enthusiasm a bit.

Even so, if I had to compare Fukuoka with Hiroshima, I would say that Hiroshima was better and that I don't regret getting that ticket. At all.

At the end of the concert, I saw Shonae down on the arena and waved to her, before exiting and looking for Hazel. Hazel and I hung around a bit trying to look for one of our friends who had dressed up as Sailormoon, but she had already gone as she had to run to catch the Shinkansen back to Kyushu. So we asked for a couple of pictures with the Massu-look-a-likes, and then walked back to Hondori to search for ginger tea and stroll around the streets, eating matsuri food. :D
As Yamaguchi is nearer to Hiroshima, I was able to catch a Shinkansen before the last train, basking in happiness the entire time. Life is really good. I can't wait for Tokyo all last next week!